The Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education is a peer reviewed journal sponsored by the International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (ICRSME). EJRSME publishes manuscripts relating to issues in science/mathematics education and science/mathematics teacher education from early childhood through the university level including informal science and environmental education. EJRSME reviews original science and mathematics education manuscripts that report meaningful research, present research methodology, develop theory, and explore new perspectives and teaching strategies.



Submission Questions


If you have any questions about submissions to EJRSME, please contact:

Dr. Mark Bloom (science education) or Dr. Sarah Quebec Fuentes (mathematics education) at 

EJRSME Reviewers


Call for Reviewers:

Science and mathematics educators who have a publication record in education journals are invited to review for EJRSME.  If you are interested in reviewing for the journal fill out the following form:

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Vol. 28 No. 1 (2024): Electronic Journal for Research in Science and Mathematics Education

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