Elementary Pre-service Teachers' Noticing Teaching Practices Based on TIMSS Video Study

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Emine Gül Çelebi-Ilhan
Duygu Ören-Vural


The purpose of this study is to investigate elementary pre service mathematics teachers noticing in a video-based activity within the context of mathematics teaching methods course. In that sense, we analysed what and how preservice mathematics teachers noticed at the Public Release Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) videos. Data obtained from preservice teachers’ written analysis of classroom teaching videos were analysed. Results indicate that preservice teachers primarily focused on discourse followed by task and learning environment aspects of the classroom teaching presented in videos.  While levels of preservice teachers’ noticing were descriptive and evaluative in general, and there was less amount of interpretive level noticing. It was interesting that most of the comments belonging to interpretive level appeared in the task category. Additionally, pre service mathematics teachers generally noticed the elements of instruction related with teachers (teacher's role, move, and pedagogy) at descriptive and evaluative levels but they were attentive less to how specific classroom event, task or content is connected with students’ learning. Our findings suggest that exposing preservice mathematics teachers with multiple contexts and a variety of mathematical content for the analysis of video cases of classroom practices in collaborative environments in their methods courses support them to notice the specific aspects of classroom practice.

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