Like the Kids Do Engineering Design in Middle-School Science Teacher Professional Development

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Kelly Feille
Morgan Stewart
Jenesta Nettles
Molly Weinburgh


This study describes how 19 middle-school science teachers responded to an engineering design task in the context of water quality and environmental science professional development (PD). The study relies on teacher created prototypes, presentations, graphic organizers, and qualitative memos to illustrate the challenges and successes of the PD. In the findings, we discuss two major themes that emerged from the data sources regarding teachers’ focus on resource management and pedagogical understanding. Finally, we include lessons learned as we move forward as science teacher educators in an era where teachers are challenged to continue to adapt to pedagogical paradigm shifts within science education.

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Kelly Feille, University of Oklahoma

Assistant Professor
Science Education
Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education 
University of Oklahoma