Structuring Integrated STEM Education Professional Development: Challenges Revealed and Insights Gained from a Cross-Case Synthesis

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Sarah B. Bush
Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder
Kristin L. Cook
Christopher R. Rakes
Robert N. Ronau
Jon Saderholm


Integrated STEM PD has challenges unique from those normally faced by single-discipline PD. The purpose of this validation study was to examine the effectiveness of the PrimeD framework to guide and improve integrated STEM professional development (PD). Three federally funded PD programs were examined using a qualitative cross-case synthesis approach to study the structure of each PD program as well as the benefits and limitations of PrimeD. Findings revealed that PrimeD offered structure and flexibility that guided leaders to be intentional, notice program improvement opportunities, and embrace collaboration and transparency. The framework holds much promise for integrating a wide array of recommendations for effective PD in the field of integrated STEM PD. Even so, the normal struggles and challenges of a STEM PD will always exist, but can be better navigated through use of a coherent framework such as PrimeD.

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