Analogies in Physics Teaching: Experiences of Trinidadian Physics Teachers.

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Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma
Aarti Sharma


Analogies have been widely used as tools for teaching difficult science concepts. The purposeful use of appropriate analogies can facilitate analogical thinking and help students develop the necessary transfer required for lifelong learning. Analogical thinking facilitates the development of higher order thinking skills among students. In this study the experiences of Trinidadian physics teachers on the importance of analogies as an instructional tool and the extent of its usage in physics teaching and learning were explored.  Quantitative and qualitative methodologies were employed in this study. The findings revealed that, in general, Trinidadian physics teachers do in fact use analogies their pedagogical practice but that the analogies used are mostly simplistic and with illustrative character. Some teachers use analogies deliberately to help students build new knowledge by transferring and applying prior knowledge and skills to new learning situations.

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