Integration of STS/STSE and SSI for Effective Science Education and Science Teaching

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Mohammad Anisuzzaman Chowdhury


This article explores Science-Technology-Society (STS), Science-Technology-Society-Environment (STSE) and Socio-Scientific-Issues (SSI) in science education, and critically examines their contributions to science education and science teaching, and how they are underpinning values and ethics in society. The article presents rationales for the integration of STS/STSE and SSI education under a unified platform which can deliver an enriched, powerful, and organised pedagogy, and can be well accepted for the advancement of science education and science teaching. The benefits, projected outcomes and implicated issues surround the integration of STS/STSE and SSI are discussed. The STS/STSE and SSI integrated approach may effectively contribute to the development of scientific and technological literacies, and provide an impetus for the re-emergence of values in science education; foster values and ethics in students’ minds, and benefit the societies.  

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