The Self-Regulated Learner Advantage:Learning Science on the Internet

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Jace Hargis


Science educators recognize the potential of the Internet as an educational tool. One of the major aspects of this study was designed to illustrate the need for self-regulated learning when using the Internet for education. Two alternate forms of an on-line instructional web site containing the same information were developed. The first, a constructivist format provided more links for students to wander and build concepts with the material in ways that may be consistent with their particular learning style. The second is called an objectivist format and is similar to presentations found in academic settings where lectures are provided. This on-line study examined the effect of variables such as age, gender, racial identify, attitude, aptitude, self-regulated learning and self-efficacy on learning. Results indicated that typical learner characteristics were not road blocks to on-line learning.

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Jace Hargis

University of North Florida