Articulating the Barriers in the Online Learning Engagement in Chemistry of Junior High School Students: A Photovoice Study

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Ryan Villafuerte Lansangan


In the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic, understanding the challenges and preferences perceived by the learners is crucial in helping institutions devise strategies to support the continuum of learning in the time of crisis. This study purported to use photovoice to examine the barriers affecting the online learning engagement in Chemistry of Junior High School students drawn from their experiences in learning the subject after a year during the pandemic.  The inquiry uncovered four themes: difficulty in understanding the nature of chemistry as a subject matter; lack of intrinsic motivation towards online learning; difficulty in accommodating academic responsibilities in an online platform; and technical challenges associated with online learning. As a participatory mode of research, the students were engaged in a root cause analysis through focus group discussion to account for the causes of their challenges and their perceived solutions to the factors identified. The utilization of photovoice as the platform of inquiry for students was able to capture the chemistry learning experiences of students and the barriers that hinder their optimum engagement. The implications of the findings were further detailed in the study.  

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