The Effects of Video-Based Pre-Lab Instruction on College Students’ Attitudes and Achievement in the Digital Era

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Luciana Aronne
Courtney Nagle
Jodie L. Styers
Adam Combs
J. Andrew George


This study examines the effectiveness of pre-laboratory presentations in an undergraduate general chemistry laboratory using two different modes of delivery: a traditional lecture versus an in-class video presentation.  It was anticipated that implementation of videos could result in improved laboratory efficiency, safety, and necessary technical skills for the students.  Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine this hypothesis by comparing laboratory quiz scores and completion times of students who received their pre-laboratory instruction in a traditional lecture versus in-class video format.  The results of this study provide new insight into the benefits of using technology for delivery of pre-laboratory instruction and offer suggestions for considerations when implementing technological tools (such as videos) into laboratory instruction.

Keywords: undergraduate education, chemistry, pre-laboratory instruction, instructional technology, chemical education

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