The International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (ICRSME) is seeking applications for Editor or Co-Editors for the Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (EJRSME). The five-year term of editorship begins in 2024 and extends through 2028:

  • 2024 - Incoming editors works alongside current editors
  • 2025-2027 - Incoming editors assume full responsibility
  • 2028 - Transition year for new editorial team

Transition years (first and fifth year) will ensure that incoming editors are familiar with all aspects of the online journal hosting system and are prepared for their role.

The Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (EJRSME) is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by the International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (ICRSME). EJRSME shares manuscripts relating to issues in science/mathematics education and science/mathematics teacher education from early childhood through the university level including informal science and environmental education. EJRSME reviews original science and mathematics education manuscripts that report meaningful research, present research methodology, develop theory, and explore new perspectives and teaching strategies.

To apply for the position, applicants must build an editorial team, consisting of, but not limited to, Editor(s), Managing Editor, and Copyeditor. The editorial team should have expertise in science/mathematics education or teacher education, as well as experience reviewing manuscripts for professional refereed educational journals. In addition, the editorial team will represent EJRSME at ICRSME Virtual Conferences and Consultations. The Editor(s) will meet quarterly with the Executive Directors of ICRSME.

Responsibilities of Editor(s):

  • Maintain high academic standards for published manuscripts
  • Publish four issues of the journal each year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Prepare and monitor reviewers for high quality
  • Solicit manuscripts for the journal
  • Screen submissions for relevance to journal and then assign manuscripts fitting the journal mission to an Associate Editor
  • Consider reviews, decide disposition of manuscripts, and communicate decisions with authors
  • Maintain communication between the journal and ICRSME
  • Compile statistics and maintain files as appropriate for the journal
  • Ensure that reviewers are thanked publicly on an annual basis
  • Coordinate a "Publishing in EJRSME" session at ICRSME Consultations and Virtual Conferences

Full applications for the position are due by December 1, 2023 and must include:

  • a cover letter of application that describes the applicant(s)’ (1) experiences as an author, reviewer, or editor; (2) plan for building the editorial team (Managing Editor and Copy Editor); (3) commitment to and any prior involvement with ICRSME (consultations/virtual conferences, journal service, ICRSME newsletter, etc.); and (4) vision for the journal and operating procedures such as securing and preparing reviewers, and potential strategies for increasing visibility and possible revenue;
  • full vita/vitae; and
  • a statement detailing institutional support, if applicable.

Send application materials and questions to the current EJRSME Editors, Mark Bloom and Sarah Quebec Fuentes, at